• Five trends shaping digital platforms for retail trading

    By Daniel Stack, AlphaStream When ETrade began offering retail customers internet stock trading in 1996 it processed 1,300 trades in its first week. By May of that year it was up to 11,000 trades a week. The rest is history, as they say. Markets have rallied and bust across several cycles since 1996 but the interest […]

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  • AlphaStream featured in Barclays Insights Report

    AlphaStream was featured in a recent FinTech trends report by Barclays Insights titled Making data count with AI. Daniel Stack, AlphaStream’s Director of Customer, shares his views on how the democratisation of investing is radically changing financial services.

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  • Why Hyper-Personalization For Financial Services Is Challenging

    The last five years have seen a rapid rise in supply and demand for tailored products and services. COVID-19 seems to have only exacerbated the already imminent change, resulting in a collective, business urgency to batten down the hatches to respond to the consumers expectations. Personalization is falling short in providing real benefits to consumers as content is still broadcasted to segmented […]

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