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Personalized Financial Data Experiences

AlphaStream makes financial markets more effective for your clients and more profitable for you.

The AlphaStream experience platform takes all of your disparate financial data sources and brings them together into one unified solution for delivering hyper-personalized financial market data experiences to every single client.

Your teams will have groundbreaking access into not just what your clients do, but why they do it. Discover how your teams can improve the client experience for more profit, improve sales targeting and conversions, programmatic digital campaigns, personalize education and much more.

Why AlphaStream?

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Built for Finance

The platform is the first data experience platform built specifically to transform all real time financial market data and deliver a personalized client user experience to the most effective channel. 

Ingest all of your financial data including, news & social, web, market datasets, alerts and notifications.

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Activate Your Clients

The platform is designed to deliver a unique personal experience to every client. 

Optimized to engage and activate existing and new clients with highly targeted content that capitalizes on real time market events.

Clients typically experience twice as many daily trades from average traders.

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Flexible Integration

Ingest valuable client behavioral data from legacy systems where mature endpoints aren’t available. 

Deliver personal data experiences across all channels with AlphaStream API first technology. 

Low-code solution means API can be integrated in modular fashion into existing client user experiences.


Personalize every client user experience

across all channels

Significantly improve the profitability of your clients by giving them a hyper targeted experience of the financial markets. Leading financial enterprises use AlphaStream to improve client user experience across every channel by personalizing all market information in real time.

Acquire customers

Acquire new customers

with dynamic data driven experiences

Create unique digital assets such as dashboards and landing pages powered by real time data and focused on topical market moving events such as Trump, COVID19, Trade Wars. Get cut through in a saturated market and nurture leads with off platform alerts and emails.

Behaviour Record

Monitor client behavior and motivations

not just activity

Radically change how you monitor your clients by understanding the topics, entities and types of content they are consuming before they place a trade. See changes in trading trends emerge by tracking the meaning of content your clients are reading not just the actions they perform. 

A.I. Advertising

Advertise with programatic A.I.

to take advantage of market moves

Capture market news and events in real time and convert them into digital and PPC campaigns. Create landing pages, digital assets and buy ads programmatically and take advantage of client activity when the market moves to decrease costs and improve efficiency, relevance and conversion.


Rapidly build and deploy

personalized experiences with API first approach

Increase your ability to deliver game change client user experiences across any channel. Integrate with legacy platforms, create stand alone single page applications, deploy landing pages or deliver notifications into existing platforms. Our headless API gives you the flexibility to introduce new UX to any client on any platform.

Easily connect

with marketing systems

Identify and extract client behaviour data from any back office marketing system with integrations and accelerators we call Workers. We extract raw and unstructured data where mature API endpoints are unavailable, building client profile data from unrefined sources. 

Ingest and data into the platform

that your clients need

The platform is designed to understand the financial meaning of any information that it ingests. Integrate any data source, such as 3rd party financial market news, research, alt data sets, alerts or price. The platform will classify and enrich all data ready for real time distribution.

Targeted Marketing

Improve targeting

and significantly increase sales performance

Contact clients at the most effective time by linking realtime market events to client preferences. CRM integration builds sales contact lists based on how responsive they are likely to be to certain market events.

Use cases

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Andrew, Head of Data

I can unite all my paid and created financial data and content into one API that I can deliver and track across all my channels. We can finally begin to understand the ROI of our content because we can track interactions all all touch points and the corresponding trading behavior.

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Tom, Marketing

We now have the ability to truly personalize the financial markets for every Client. We can see exactly what tradable entities our Clients interact with and optimize what financial data we deliver to them in real-time. Financial Markets are inherently noisy but we can now deliver the data experience our Clients want.

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Gemma, Sales

Our conversions are through the roof, the ability for our Sales team to contact qualified leads that I know are interested in a particular trade or instrument, in real-time, as the Market Event is breaking has allowed us to be more targeted and relevant when we make contact. 

What can AlphaStream do for you?



How AlphaStream personalize the financial markets

Learn more about how AlphaStream captures real-time market data and matches that to rich client behavior data to create a unique view of the financial markets for every client.


Elon Musk Tweet

How AlphaStream captured Elon Musks market moving tweet

Discover how the AlphaStream experience platform identifies market moving data and delivered it to clients that need it most.


Data Analysis

Create advanced market feeds for you clients

Improve engagement with weekly trading events such as earnings and economic announcements by creating feeds on your trading platform that collect news and social.

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