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Meet The Team: Kelsey Gavit, Commercial Director

Meet the Team: Kelsey Gavit, Commercial Director

Say hello to Kelsey Gavit, AlphaStream’s new Commercial Director.

Kelsey joined stealthily in February 2021 while we were all still navigating our way through lockdown 3.0 and is responsible for ensuring AlphaStream’s data products and services reach and help as many organizations as possible improving their performance and profits. She leads the sales team in everything from partnerships to acquiring and maintaining client relationships.

A native Texan, Kelsey joins at a pivotal time in AlphaStream’s scale-up journey and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Ultimately responsible for our commercial growth and expansion globally, Kelsey will introduce us to the world’s largest organizations to help them successfully deliver exceptional data experience for their teams and their customers.

Kelsey Gavit, AlphaStream Commercial Director

Previously Head of Sales for Simply Get Results, it is not the first time Kelsey has helped organizations humanize and harness the power of their complex data and turn it into useful actionable data that improves business performance. And with a long career focused on technology prior to that, Kelsey has led sales teams selling everything from holograms to enterprise commerce solutions.

Her passion for business development can be traced back to her kindergarten days when selling Girl Scout cookies became an adrenaline rush for her. Her competitive nature was immediately ignited and her passion for sales and relationship building continues to this day.

Excited to see where the world of technology will take us (like we are), Kelsey joined AlphaStream after being introduced to Founder Gareth. His amazing energy and passion for this technology was palpable. They immediately hit it off, and Kelsey’s interest in trading sealed the deal.

In her time outside of work, Kelsey is a mom and home organization obsessive who loves turning her hand to all things DIY and gardening. When she’s not creating or organizing, she’s cooking the US favourite of biscuits and gravy.

While most people love a sales person that arrives armed with a biscuit or two, these aren’t your typical chocolate Hobnobs or Oreos… we’re just warning you.

“I am thrilled to join AlphaStream as a novice trader myself, when I heard what they were doing, I thought “I need that!” and “Geez – Everyone in the ancient finance world needs that!”. It is thrilling to be a part of something that is teetering on the edge of innovation and possibility. We are currently putting together a plan to bring hyper-personalization to the North American brokerages and I couldn’t be more excited”.


Kelsey loves to talk all things data science, so if you would like to connect with her on LinkedIn you can do so here.

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