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How Does AlphaStream Personalize Financial Content And Data?

How does AlphaStream personalize financial content and data?

In order to personalize any live feed, such as a API from a 3rd party content source you must understand two key things;

  1. What tradable entities the user is or isn’t likely to be interested in and,
  2. What tradable entities are contained in the content being sent to the user via the API.

AlphaStream collects tradable entity preferences by mining user activity from the trading platforms. We do this by ingesting the raw log files from the systems and gather information about trades. We also track what the user is reading on all digital touch points, if we deliver the data we are able to see what entities the user is reading about.

Once AlphaStream has collected entity preference data about a user we can apply it to any 3rd party data source to select what is most relevant in real time to the user. Each incoming content item is identified as being related to a tradable entity (company, people, topics) and sorted from the stream and routed to the user.

Look at it like a sorting conveyor belt at Amazon’s warehouse – selecting pieces of content (instead of boxes) by what it says about the markets and delivering it specifically to a single user.

This is happening in real-time as new content comes in, we sort it and send it to the right truck for delivery to the customer, or in this case send it to the best digital touch point for the most relevant user.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team about your data and how hyper-personalization can help your organization, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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