Getting started

Make things personal in four easy steps

Integrate our behavioral capture library

Use our software development kit to set up behavioral capture and import our library. It will only take a couple of days.

Instrument and user mapping

Match up our naming conventions so that our systems speak the same language.

Select your personalization parameters

You’ll decide the range that Clara, our personalization engine, works within, and draws from, to display relevant content to your end users.

Choose your products

You’ll know which features you want, but you’ll need to add the front-end design and integrate our components with your platform. Then your personalized data stream will flow.

Integrate to everything with low code headless APIs

Our low-code headless APIs make our Clara really simple to integrate with any systems. To make things as quick and easy as possible we have loads of integrations ready to go.

For more information on how to integrate Clara see our full API documentation.

Full API Docs

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