Change the world of data and finance with us

At AlphaStream, we are proud to nurture talent. As part of our team culture, we believe in creating a diverse and inclusive environment where every member feels valued and proactive in driving change for our clients. 

We encourage everyone to find their voice by sharing their feedback and new ideas as we explore together the best way to move forward as a fintech company. As a matter of fact, cross-learning from everyone’s experience helps us build a unique offering for our clients, solving complex problems and delivering tailored solutions. 

We work smart, not hard, and we trust each other to own projects and budgets, confident we’ll meet deadlines as promised. 

To continue to move forward, we always seek new talents in the US and the UK to join our pool of champions, ranging from data science and IT to sales and marketing. If you are hungry for disruption and its opportunities, we’d be happy to receive your application. No two days are alike at AlphaStream, are you up for the challenge? 

“As soon as I met some of the people in the team, it was clear to me that this was something I needed to be a part of!”

Ricardo Perez, Head of Data Analytics (United Kingdom)

Our Culture

We care about you

We offer a generous salary, pension, and an excellent physical and mental health care for all members of our team.

We invest in your training

We value your growth and skills, and we encourage learning and development. That’s why we have a dedicated budget for our employees to attend conferences, classes, and other relevant events.

We trust your working routine

We are an entirely remote team. Our teams are based across US, UK, Europe and Asia but work as one. Together, we are committed to making everyone’s working schedule flexible and balanced.

We value your time off

We believe that rest and downtime are essential for our employees to perform their best. Everyone has 27 days of paid holidays to enjoy.

We make memories together

A company that plays together stays together! We organize regular meet-ups to encourage bonding.

We want you to succeed

Progress is paramount, and our team receives the support and guidance necessary to help everyone achieve personal career goals. 

“I had felt like I belonged from the beginning, and was always treated with respect and patience, even when I was initially a novice.”

Ines Kracun, Lead UX Designer (Singapore)

Current Opportunities