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Data Experience Platform

A.I. Generated Data Experiences

Unleash your financial markets alternative data by delivering Data Experiences that inform your Teams and Clients in the right way at the right time, every time.

date experience platform
Headless Architecture

Modern Headless Architecture

AlphaStream’s Data Experience Platform is 100% Headless and can be accessed via our API. From trading platforms to research notes, the Data Experience Platform supports the creation and control of any channel the data is applied to.

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Integrate the AlphaStream Insights API to get global coverage with over 400 financial alt datasets mapped to any tradable instrument.

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Create a unique Client Experience Record unlocking unknown relationships between data and execution.

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Integrate your business systems operational (trading/risk), Marketing (CRM), or Content (Internal/Refinitiv/Dow Jones).

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Provide personalized data for each Client, leveraging segmentation analytics from internal and external alternative data, news and social.

Use API first, Headless Architecture to power Users Data Experiences in all existing Client and Team Channels, from trading platforms, websites, landing pages and mobile apps.

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Bring the Data Experience together by continually optimizing which data goes to which Clients and Teams, where and when with our A.I.

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Use the front-end technology of your choice with our Rest and Push API’s. We have SDK’s for Vue.js, Node.js, React.js and .net, with many more on the way.

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Don’t have time to integrate? We have built a Vue.js interface to get you going instantly should you need it.

Choose Your Financial Data

It all starts with the raw product. What data is relevant to your business and important to your team and clients.

AlphaStream’s financial data created by our Insights Engine, builds over 400 data sets of topical data. Covering global markets, tradable instruments, entities, people and products.

However, we can never have enough data, especially when every experience is unique. For this reason, we can integrate your own, high-quality data directly into the platform.

Should you need it, we can integrate 3rd party data integrations into our Data Insights Platform covering all types of content, as well as alternative datasets such as corporate actions, satellite and transaction.

Integrate Your Behavior Data



The AlphaStream Experience Platform is designed to ingest your Client facing data. Close the trade motivation loop by integrating your back-office system data such as trade execution and watchlist data Optimizing your Data Experience to meet your business goals. 



All Client and User Data can be brought into the Data Experience Platform with a set of CRM and Web Analytic integrations, ensuring the entire customer lifecycle and all interactions are being captured.

Individual A.I. Data Experiences

This is where the Data Experience Platform A.I. brings together Client behavior and datasets to create the individual Data Experience. Our ability to leverage the combined data, and our A.I. Data Experience algorithms create a constantly improving experience that drives towards your ultimate business goals.

In real time, the A.I. leverages the Alpha Stream Experience Record to identify which data is important and the best channels for it. 

Leverage the Data Experience Platforms API to create a truly unique, engaging UI/UX that pulls your teams and clients in, and keeps them informed in real-time. Therefore unleashing the power of connected data across all channels and digital touchpoints, with more testing and quicker deployments.

Create engaging and insightful Data Experiences. Our Headless Architecture enables micro services to integrate into your key Client Platforms such as personalized real-time feeds and notifications in Trading, Client Portals and Email to name a few.

Data Experience is also critical for the business. Our Headless API Architecture makes integration with Marketing, Research and Back office Systems simpler and quicker to deploy. If you want to keep track of business goals or manage risk we can provide the data where and when it’s most important to you.

Data Experience image
Data Experience image

Experience Data & Analytics

We capture everything your teams and clients interact with on all U.I. Therefore, building huge time-series datasets about your Client behavior. This is from both passive and active consumption of financial news and social data, linking to the corresponding Trading Behavior. Our AlphaStream Experience Record is the key to understanding your Clients motivations and personalizing every Data Experience.

Alphastream Experience Record

A groundbreaking and unique client record in the financial trading and capital markets. Stored in a Knowledge Graph the AlphaStream Experience Record gives you previously unseen data relationships between what data, news and social content your Clients consume and what your Clients trade. 

We can now capture, store and query the full lifecycle of a Client. The Alphastream Experience Record is used for micro personalization and optimization both improving the data experience and dynamically working towards achieving business goals such as increased profitability. 


Each client has its own instance of the Data Experience Platform deployed within our own private cloud. No data is ever stored or transferred on a multi-tenant solution, therefore reducing any risk of data bleed. We can offer you a choice of data tenancy locations. 

Data Experience Record

Reporting Value

Our Data Experience Platform has been designed to integrate with the tools you already use to ensure ease of use and for reporting! If you don’t yet have a reporting tool, we have created a set of reporting dashboards to get you up and running.

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