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Data types

Data Sets

Without data there can be no experience

Out of the box our Data Insights Platform is integrated with a huge variety of data sets, covering a wide range of asset classes. Additionally, you can also simply integrate your own internal data sources and any existing types of subscriptions you may have.

Datasets out of the Box

Our Data Experience Platform ships with over 400 datasets created from public data that are ready to use and mapped to financial instruments, people and topics.

Integrations with Ease

Our data insights platform has been designed to do all the heavy lifting for you. Just let us know the additional datasets that you want, or the dataset you have, and we do the rest.

Your Data

Apply a Data Experience to Increase its value

If you already create data for your teams and clients then we can apply a Data Experience to maximize its value. You don’t need to change the way you work for us to consume your data, out of the box we can consume the data stream with minimum effort from you. 

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date experience platform

Data Behavior Event

The AlphaStream experience platform creates data events from real-time market moving data and behavior events from client interactions with those data events. These events are key to delivering personalized financial market data experiences.

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