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Insights Engine

Our Core Stack

Our Data Insights Platform is our core data stack, responsible for the production and consumption of financial datasets used by the AlphaStream Experience Platform.

insights engine
Data types

Data Types

  • Alternative
  • News wires
  • Twitter
  • Economic
  • Geo-Political
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Estimates Events and Transcripts
  • Fundamentals
  • Index
  • News
  • Ownership
  • Ratings
  • Reference
  • Risk
  • Satellite
  • Supply Chain

Asset Classes

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Foreign Exchange

Commodities icon


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Data Pipeline

At the core of our Data Insights Platform is its ability to be able to consume multiple datasets, from various providers, at a high velocity. The Data Pipeline was created specifically for this purpose.



Data Capture using Workers

Workers are vital to ingesting data into our platform. They are applications that manage key system integrations, specifically designed to collect data and feed it into the Data Pipeline.

Data Workers fall into broad verticals:

1. Web Workers ingest publicly available unstructured data from websites and social network platforms.

2. Data Workers typically integrate with public and private API’s from data and content providers, including social network platforms, media organizations, and any 3rd party content services.

Data Workers can easily consume:

  • Financial Market Performance
  • Corporate Actions
  • Economics & Government
  • Alternative Data
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Proprietary Data

We can ingest, process and optimize in house or external proprietary data already being used within an institution. All proprietary Data is Chinese walled, so any content we process doesn’t go to anyone else.



Wranglers monitor the flow within the Data Pipeline. Wranglers clean, transform and map relevant data relationships to a financial instrument or entity. All relationships are built out directly into our Knowledge Graph. Structured or unstructured Wranglers apply individual transformation and mapping techniques to each.

Some examples of our Wranglers in action:

Unstructured Content Wranglers

Use market leading NLP to extract key metrics and metadata from global news and social content.

Master Wranglers

Use market leading NLP to extract key metrics and metadata from global news and social content.

Data Insights

The Data Insights layer is the analytics and computation brain of the stack. When our A.I. identifies data to have value, it creates a Data Event. Using the Knowledge Graph’s relationships our A.I. discovers and tags the Data Event with knowledge and insights that were not available before.



Sentinel, our API access layer, is responsible for data access across our entire stack, it utilizes best in class authentication and security techniques.

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