Surface real-time insightful data to engage your users in their search journey

Search is a heavily used feature by users across the financial markets. Further engage your users when they search your platforms to provide them with data rich, insightful, real-time information 

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Engage your users with an intelligent, personalized search offering

Provide a differentiated search experience

Using our Content and Behavior APIs, you can deliver a personalized search experience to your users that provides them with a rich and insightful range of data and information tailored to their search queries. This will help further engage your users and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions in the financial markets

Real-time Insightful Data

Provide your users real-time insightful data inline with their search journey so that your users engage more with your platform and their trust for your platform and products grows

AI-driven personalization giving users the information they need when they need it

Personalized search experience

Deliver a personalized search experience with surfaces the financial content and data the users need to know about when searching financial instruments based on their individual behaviors

Enable your users with a broader context of data

Give your users real-time financial content and data surrounding the instruments they are searching for, from the most recent financial content, search trends, research trends and educational trading content that’s related to the financial instrument they are searching for

Broaden your users financial research interests

Provide your users with inline financial research recommendations related to the instruments they are searching for and based on each individuals research behaviors to broaden their overall financial research interests.