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Minimize risk and make better investments with the power of AI

AlphaStream ingests and targets content to create unique alpha signals. These allow a bigger picture appreciation of the markets. Our AlphaStream Knowledge Graph is delivered via an API or flat file. It covers the S&P 500 by sector, currently at GICS level 1 with more markets coming soon.

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Why AlphaStream Knowledge Graph?


Enterprise data governance

Create a centralized source of knowledge that integrates with AlphaSream Knowledge Graph, as it processes disparate information sources to produce comparable data sets.


Research and knowledge discovery

The Graph surfaces unexpected and unknown connections. It's uniquely time-aware analytical capabilities allow you to understand the cause and effect of the event over time, allowing for pattern detection.


Risk exposure

Quantify risk exposure and minimize your trading risk with context-aware analysis that flags connections between events that would otherwise seem unrelated.


Thematic investing

Computational linguistics help you to identify the right equity for your thematic position after processing multiple data inputs.


AI-powered trend detection

Predict big market shifts with our Knowledge Graph, as it detects trend formation giving context to price against other equities in that sector.


Supporting Documentation

The following document defines the JSON schematics for the properties that are held in the Knowledge Graph.


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