Engage and retain your user base with personalized emails

Personalize your email communications to your users with the help of our Content and Behavior APIs. By using our behavior capture library you can understand the financial research and trading interests and preferences of your users to create emails that are tailored to their unique needs and interests, helping to increase engagement and satisfaction 

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Engage your users with personalized email campaigns

Increase your user engagement rates

Better engage your users with truly personalized emails based on the unique interests each user has shown towards financial instruments

Give your users the financial content and data they need

Personalize your email campaigns for higher engagement with our Content and Behavior APIs. By understanding your users' financial research and trading interests and preferences, you can send tailored emails based on their specific behaviors and preferences, providing them with the financial content they want, when they want it.

Data led, KPI driven email campaigns

Grow your email KPIs

Build out the success of your email campaigns with personalized emails to see the KPIs you measure increase week on week

Grow your user retention rates

See your user retention rates increase as they see added value from using your platforms as they are given the personalized financial content and data they are interested in.

Provide Insightful Datapoints

Provide personalized data points in your email campaigns, from the open market prices and popular financial market content through to what’s trending across your community, all personalized ton the financial instruments each user is interested in.