Personalize your users experience with personalized financial content

Create a personalized news feed using our Content API. Giving users the real-time news on the instruments they’ve shown interest an interest in. 

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Improve your engagement rates by optimizing your users' experiences

Provide the financial content your users want

Use our Content API to personalize financial content to your users based on their interaction behaviors. Making sure your users see they financial content relevant to them

Capture retail traders and investors financial behaviours

Use of our best-in-class behavior capture library, built specifically to capture retail trade and investment behaviors to drive value to your business.

AI-driven personalization to give users tailored trending insights

Best in class AI

Sit back whilst our AI automatically relates users' behaviors to the financial content they care about

Financial Content Sources

Personalize both in-house created financial content as well as from external content sources from the likes of Benzinga, FX Street, ShareCast and more

Bring more control to your users

Allow your users to filter content by Instrument, author and keyword to help them find the financial content they need to know about