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Elon Musk Tweet: 2.7 Seconds

This case study demonstrates the power of Data Experiences. This use case is an actual Data Event that took place, pricing and timings are taken directly from our logging platform. There was no human interaction in this process. All channels and Data Event types had been pre-approved by the client’s compliance team.

Introduction to Events

Our platform uses the concept of Events, there are two that are core:

Data Event


When our A.I. identifies data as having value.

Behaviour Event


When our A.I. identifies data as having value.

Price 1 minute before tweet – $761.59


The Data Insights Platform is capable of consuming hundreds of different Datasets, both proprietary and from 3rd parties. Datasets are consumed directly into the AlphaStream cloud-based Data Pipeline. Inside the Data Pipeline – Time of Tweet 11:11:26am (EST) In real time, the Data Insights Platform monitors hundreds of Datasets within the Data Pipeline for value signals, when it identifies a signal of value it creates a Data Event. In this case, a single tweet from Elon Musk.

Tesla Flow 1
267MS After data event

Data Event Identification

Without any human interaction, the A.I. identified Elon Musk as the CEO of Tesla, and that he was posting negatively about Tesla’s share price. The A.I. decided that this tweet qualified as a new Data Event. The Data Event was then tagged with supporting meta data. Because of our cloud-based architecture, Data Event Identification can scale on demand to deal with hundreds of thousands of Data Events per hour.

Tesla flow 2
808MS After Data Event

A.I. Relationship Building

The Data Experience Platform received the Data Event and simultaneously identified which teams and clients needed visibility of the Event. The A.I. autonomously builds complex relationships between individual and tradable instruments. It does this to discover additional insights that would not have been visible before, thereby ensuing the A.I. can make the most effective decisions faster than ever possible. The A.I. identified over 1500 teams and clients that would benefit from the visibility of this Data Event.

Tesla flow 3
1240MS After Data Event

Data Management System

Because the Data Experience Platform is headless, it has its own Data Management System that can be seamlessly integrated with all channels. For each team and client, the Data Experience Platform identified which was the optimal delivery channel. Analytics from each channel, front-office and back-office are fed back into the Data Experience Platform. The more data it processes, the better the results. It’s always learning!

Tesla flow 4
Lowest Price – $683.04

Data Event Lifecycle

Data Event Start Time: 11:11:26am (EST)

The Data Event doesn’t end once it has been delivered. It has a period of value where it drives behaviour. Between 11:11:26am (EST) and 11:52:00am (EST) Tesla’s share Price fell 9.9%. During the Data Event over 205,500 Behaviour Events were generated and fed back to the Data Experience Platform. This data will be used by the A.I. to create better Data Experiences.

Data Event End Time: 12.37pm (EST) | Lasted 2,700,000 Milliseconds.

Tesla flow 5

Results   Lightning fast event recognition and data management, drove more engagement and more trading. 

Increased Engagement
on the day

Increase in trade volume

Tesla down, after tweet

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