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Programmatic Campaigns using Alternative Data

Time to Deployment

59 Seconds

Reduction in Cost per Click


Increase in Conversion


This case study demonstrates how the AlphaStream Experience Platform is able to use real-time media monitoring data to create digital campaigns by creating landing pages and digital campaign assets that advertise a financial market event and by ad space on a publisher network.

Introduction to Events

Our platform uses the concept of Events, there are two that are core:

Data Event


When our A.I. identifies data as having value.

Behaviour Event


Any time a Data Event is interacted with.

Elon Musk Tweets at 4.11pm’ drop the 22K

Media Monitoring Ingestion

The AlphaStream experience platform ingests data from several popular media monitoring solutions including from the source twitter firehose API.

This ensures that any financially relevant news that breaks on public platforms can be identified and classified. This is the first stage in identifying events that will move markets and which clients need to be informed.

Programatic flow diagram
25 Seconds after Elon Tweet

Data Event Identification

The dataset being ingested from the media monitoring providers has indicated a significant upwards trend in search and content volume that was caused by the Elon Musk Tweet approximately 25 seconds

The A.I. decided that this trend change qualified as a new Data Event and had a lifecycle that could be viable for a campaign.

Programatic flow diagram
31 Seconds after Elon tweet

A.I. Relationship Building

Once a data event has been created the platform can determine if it can be converted into a profitable campaign.

Viability will be assessed by comparing the performance of previous Tesla campaigns and what data is saying about clients behaviour towards Tesla, is it popular to clients, it it profitable for the business.

Programatic flow diagram
59 Seconds after Elon tweet

Data Management System

The platform has decided the campaign is viable and can begin building the assets. This will include Landing Page to be hosted by the CMS and digital assets such as banners, content and Ad Words that will be sent to the Ad Exchange.

Programatic flow diagram
Campaign closed 6.57 mind after Elon tweet

Campaign Lifecycle

Campaigns don’t have a fixed lifecycle, they mirror the lifecycle of the data event they are based on as well as performance of the campaign.

This Tesla data event had a lifecycle of just over an hour but we ran the campaign for the remainder of the trading day because the market was catching up on the news and the campaign was performing.

The campaign was closed 6 hours 57 minutes after the data event was created by the platform.

Programatic flow diagram


Increase in Search For “Telsa Share Price” Over Data Event

Reduction in Cost Per Click

Increase in click throughs

Increase in conversion

59 seconds
Time to deploy

6hours 57mins
Length of campaign

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