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Research & Analysis Temporary Market Feeds

Online Broker improves engagement with clients, using dynamic financial market content feeds for events in the coming week.

Making Research content more dynamic

It is a constant challenge for leading online Brokerages to create engaging, relevant content for their existing and potential clients, there is a consistent cycle of economic events and earnings and technical analysis to draw on, but is difficult to get cut through when every Broker is providing analysis on the same events.

Week Ahead Dynamic Feeds

When AlphaStream began addressing some of the concerns that had been raised about Research and Analysis content from the Broker, it was apparent that augmenting the existing content creation practice with more dynamic data was the key to getting more engagement from clients without needing to develop complex data skills within the Research Team.

AlphaStream enabled the Research Team via Smart News to create a weekly feed of tradable instruments that were expecting market moving news in the coming week. The feed would build immediately around the Equities, Economic Events, Currency Pairs, Crypto etc that the team wanted clients to focus on.

Global Instrument Coverage

Research teams can select from a very wide range of instruments and the AlphaStream Experience Platform is capable of creating a Research Team Week Ahead feed from any number of external financial data feeds. Once the Feed constituents have been selected the Feed will build immediately, drawing in real time Social and News from leading contributors across the globe.

Driving Off Platform engagement through Notifications 

The Research Team were also able to build Notifications around each instrument in the feed to alert Clients on and off platform, drawing focus to the feed. These Notifications can be turned on at the time of setting up the Research Feed. They automatically generate an Alert within the Smart News Widget or via email – driving Clients back to the feed.

Engaging Events

Typically Research teams will want Clients to monitor earnings releases or major economic announcements such as NFP, however, AlphaStream can classify many different types of events such as central bank announcements, product launches, technical analysis, ratings changes, geo political events. If your Research Team wants to talk about it, the platform can generate a Feed for it.

A Dynamic Anchor for Research Content

Having a real-time feed related to a small group of tradable entities allows the Research team to create content and analysis that has an anchor point for the Client to return to – therefore significantly increasing engagement with the trading platform and improving trading kpi’s as the events unfold.

Feed List

The Marketing Team can amplify the feed using social and email channels to help drive interest in the feed.

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