• How does AlphaStream personalize financial content and data?

    In order to personalize any live feed, such as a API from a 3rd party content source you must understand two key things;  What tradable entities the user is or isn’t likely to be interested in and,  What tradable entities are contained in the content being sent to the user via the API. AlphaStream collects […]

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  • Why personalization is imperative for financial service providers

    Access to increasing amounts of data is changing the way businesses serve customers. Brands of many kinds – from Amazon to Netflix, Shopify to Google – are using the insights gleaned from vast data stores to create personalized experiences that stimulate loyalty and trust. Because of this, more and more customers expect brands to anticipate […]

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  • How data and behavior events provide hyper-personalized data experiences 

    The AlphaStream experience platform is literally writing the book, or the API on how to personalize financial market data, news and social for clients of retail brokers, banks and stockbrokers. There are many key processes and technologies involved in this task, however, two key elements stand out. How data events and behavior events work together […]

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