Create a personalized experience for your Financial Trading Customers

Looking to grow and retain your trading userbase? Our Finance Experience Cloud solution helps you strategize and personalize elements of your users experience that matters the most to them. 

Personalize your existing financial content

With our cutting-edge Content API, retail brokers can revolutionize the way they deliver financial market news to their clients. By integrating with our API, brokers can provide their users with personalized financial content tailored to their individual interests and research behaviors.

Whether your users are looking to broaden their financial knowledge or dive deep into a specific instrument, our API offers brokers the ability to personalize their existing content feeds to bring personalized and relevant financial content to their clients. Get ahead of the competition and bring your financial news offering to the next level with our content API.

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Personalized Emails

Engage and retain your client base with Personalized Emails. Utilize our Content and Behavior APIs to send personalized, relevant emails to your client base.

Provide personalized content and data to your clients, surfacing financial market content and relevant data. Surface the most popular financial content, trending financial instruments, content noise across the financial markets and financial instrument suggestions all personalized and tailored to each user based on their financial research behaviors.

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Personalized Screener

Retail brokers who use our personalized screener will see a number of benefits for their clients. One of the biggest advantages is that it provides a more efficient and streamlined trading experience. With real-time market data, sophisticated analytics, and a user-friendly interface, clients can easily navigate the financial markets and make informed decisions. This helps to increase their confidence in their investments and ultimately leads to better outcomes.

Another major benefit of our personalized screen is that it offers a more personalized experience for clients. Tailored to view financial instruments completely personalized to each user helps clients feel more in control of their trading decisions. This increases their engagement with the platform and fosters a sense of loyalty and trust toward the broker. Our personalized screener allows retail brokers to differentiate themselves from their competitors, attract and retain more clients, and ultimately grow their business.

Data and Insight Dashboards

Surfacing actionable data and insight back into critical business functions across your brokerage is key to enabling success. Our insight dashboards bring real-time insight into the trending financial instruments being researched across your platforms, the most popular financial content, trending financial instruments being searched and much more.

As well as this we present a view of the key data points across your user base as whole, from the volume of instrument interactions per user, per day, to the volume of financial instruments being searched for per day through to a list of financial instruments each user is most interested in based on their research behaviors.

How Personalization Benefits Retail Brokers

Clients across North America and EMEA have seen user engagement rates increase by up to 25% across critical KPIs after deploying personalization into their platforms.

83% of retail trading clients have stated they are more likely to stay with their preferred retail broker if they received a personalized experience.

Ready to learn more about how AlphaStream can improve your user engagement rates through personalization?

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