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Retail Broker Client Performance

Client acquisition and engagement with AI Powered financial Data Experiences for Marketeers, Trading and Research teams.

Alphastream Experience Platform (asX) gives Online Brokers real-time data to engage, acquire and stimulate Clients. We integrate financial alternative data, news and social into personalized Data Experiences for every Client making critical data more effective. Our asX is constantly storing and Behavior Events and learning in order to get important data in front of your Clients for more profitable trading more often.



Personalized Trading Experience

Personalize the financial markets for every client and ensure they get the market news they need on the channel that is most effective.

  • Capture real-time market events and direct them to the client who need them most
  • Client Experience Portal to access the financial markets personalized for every client
  • Feeds, Alerts and Notification focused on the instruments and entities your client trades

Head of Desks will see significant increases in client engagement, time on site and trading KPI’s such as volume, frequency, and lot size leading to improved lifetime customer value (LTV).



Programmatic campaigns and ad buying

Create digital and PPC campaigns that take advantage of real-time market events and get ads placed in high traffic high relevant spaces where your clients research trades.

  • Create market event based landing pages in real-time
  • Create digital assets that match market news and events that are happening now
  • Buy Ad space programmatically to ensure campaigns are deployed as the market moves

PPC Teams will reduce ad spend and improve relevancy of digital campaigns by taking advantage of real-time market events by creating landing pages and digital assets and buying ads programmatically.



Turbo charge your sales team with market event based sales targeting. Target clients that you know are interested in certain events when they are happening.

  • Integrated CRM widget for real-time targets based on their behavior towards a tradable entity
  • Contact sales targets when market moving events are taking place that the client will understand to improve conversions
  • Dramatically increase relevancy of sales conversations with real-time target lists that match a market event that’s happening now

Sales teams will benefit from targeted sales lists that improve contact KPI’s such as engagement and conversion through improved relevance.

Sales team will improve the quality and effectiveness of sales contacts by selecting targets based on their likely-hood to respond to specific market events as they are happening.



Improve your clients trading performance by personalized trading lessons and education interventions with live data and content.

  • Deliver personalized education content on the most effective channel based on client trading behaviour
  • Intervene during client behavior with high impact content with live trading data to improve learning
  • Understand what education works by tracking all content interactions

Marketing and Compliance can have measurable impact on trading behavior and habits by delivering personalized education content and intervening when bad habits form or good habits need reinforcement.



Lift the lid on what your clients are reading and consuming before they plan and execute trades. Gain incredible real-time insights into the topics, instruments, entities and authors your clients prefer. Understand why your clients trade not just what they trade.

  • Track your clients reading habits on all content in your ecosystem
  • Understand which user experiences are creating the most profitable trades
  • Visualize your entire ecosystem and how your clients interact with it

Compliance, Risk and Operations will have vast amounts of data about client behavior to provide insight into what is being executed and why flagging regulatory and position risks earlier and more accurately.



Integrate the platform capability into the Information Technology landscape with low-code solution that ensures existing system are not impacted and personalized financial market data experiences are delivered into existing user journeys.

  • Low-code solution ensures limited resource requirements from internal teams
  • Headless API decouples back and front ends and provides huge flexibility when delivering client user experiences
  • Modern ingestion capabilities allows raw and unstructured data to be collected from legacy systems when no API end points exist

The CTO will see limited impact on IT resources, system performance or security as the platform is deployed and valuable data can be constructed where only legacy data problems existed.



Rapidly accelerate your data maturity strategy by taking advantage of platform capabilities that takes raw unstructured legacy client behavior data and extracts, processes, cleans and stores it ready for distribution to data warehouse.

  • Derive meaning from legacy data by extracting it without mature API endpoints
  • Process real-time financial market data and map it to tradable entities
  • Tie all your client behavior to the financial markets

Save time and money on your data strategy by accessing extracted and cleaned data about the financial markets and about your clients in real-time.

PPC Manager

Jennifer, PPC Manager

We are now running financial markets programmatic PPC campaigns from the platform. We are able to create a landing page, digital assets such as banners and wording for our google ads that match a real-time market event such as a market moving statement. It has revolutionized how we market our brokerage. We are now super efficient because we advertize when and where people are researching market price changes rather than battling for product and brand positioning such as CFD or Spread Betting.


Steve, Chief Technology Officer

Frankly there were concerns around the ability to integrate and collect the client behavior data that would power the personalization of the financial markets for our clients. However the platform uses unorthodox means to integrate with legacy systems where modern API and data structures don’t exist and they were able to create valuable, clean data. The low-code solution also allowed us to integrate the platforms headless API into almost all of our client user journey touchpoints.

knowledge graphs

Knowledge Graphs for Improved Market Context

Alphastream is pioneering the use of Knowledge Graphs in retail brokerage. The way the technology is designed is inherently strong in building relationships between tradable entities. We use this capability to very quickly classify alternative data into a Data Event and provide financial context which the Client can utilize.

Core Spreads

Brokers Get Personal

A leading online multi asset broker wanted to increase trading volumes while offering their clients world class, real-time financial trading content in platform. Their Research teams also wanted to lead the sector in using alternative data for content creation.

Data Profile

Intelligent Client Profile

AlphaStream has redefined what a customer record can be within Brokerage. Because we provide the data your clients are consuming we are able to build a complete picture of what and how they consume it and how this correlates to watchlist and trading behaviour. Our Alphastream Experience Record is the key that unlocks trade motivation.


Engaging Personalized Content

We deploy proprietary applications and processes known Workers to ingest and enrich financial news, social and data from across all global financial markets and deliver them to your Clients via integrated, personalized feeds. We can also ingest all paid markets content so that you can track which content your Clients engage with and trade with most.

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