The Financial Experience Cloud: A look behind the curtain

The financial experience cloud is our name for every aspect of the inner workings of AlphaStream’s platform. It encompasses the initial ingestion of data, the final delivery of personalized experiences, and every process between the two. 

This article offers you a sneak preview of the inner workings, and how everything fits together, to provide personalized experiences in financial services. 

The key constituent parts that make up the financial experience cloud are: 

  • Integrations: Taking in all the data we need 
  • The input edge: a protective filter 
  • Hybrid cloud: storage of behavioral and operational data
  • Processing pipelines: processes and stores the data for knowledge, behavior, and content 
  • Knowledge: Analyzes, maps, and gives meaning to the data 
  • Clara: Our personalization engine 
  • The output edge: our interface with the outside world 


 This is how we capture data. We take in data from a whole range of places using our proprietary technology as well as third party sources like Salesforce. 

Our behavior capture software and accompanying SDK (software development kit) were created from scratch. It is a bespoke solution designed for finance. Other tagging and analytics solutions available on the market were unable to understand and supply the complex market behaviors associated with financial markets. 

We capture data relating to customer behavior, financial knowledge data like subscription data sets, and 3rd party data like content sources and pricing data. 

We maintain a team of integration specialists meaning we can offer fast customer development of bespoke integrations with customer platforms, content sources, or other customer systems, to enterprise customers and partners. 

The input edge 

This is a protective filter that prevents our systems from being overwhelmed by market events like Black Swans and Flash Crashes. These are market events which generate huge amounts of data, activity, and content. The input edge chooses which information is most important to our users and creates a queue based on that importance. It brings order to the huge volume of data that flows into our systems. 

Hybrid cloud 

Our hybrid cloud gives customers certainty of data tenancy with data centers in European, MENA, and United States regions with the scalability of a public cloud. It ensures flexibility and security with on premises or private cloud storage of customer behavior and operational data. We process massive volumes of financial content and data flows on premises to provide cost certainty and control. 

Processing pipelines 

The behavior, content, and knowledge pipelines are logically kept separate from each other and other data pipelines and storages. These segments are each responsible for all processing, storage, logging, and lineage of data sourced from client systems or behavior captured from users, 3rd party content, and financial markets respectively. 

They handle the validation of all data along with updating relationships with the three key knowledge graphs. 


These are the heart of the AlphaStream platform. They interact with almost every other component within the AlphaStream capabilities and product suite and are the key to our platform’s success. 

At the center are our financial knowledge, behavioral and content graphs. They maintain our knowledge of, and relationships between, distinct financially relevant entities within the larger financial and content domains, as well as the connections to distinct users and behaviors. 

This system maintains query and ingestion interfaces. It controls processes responsible for identifying and updating relationships and their strength in the graphs. It also deals with identification and publication of events from various knowledge sources and internal maps. 

Due to the nature of financial markets theses graphs are in a constant state of flux, renewal, and improvement to refine the relationships mapped and insights they create. 


Clara is our personalization engine. She takes all the insights created by the previous components and delivers a personalized financial experience to the end user. 

The rest of the financial experience cloud is focused on understanding users, researching financial data, and combining the two to create usable insights. Clara is responsible for creating and providing the presentation of a personalized financial experience to the end user. 

The output edge 

This is the external integration system used to send data out to the platforms that will deliver the experience. AlphaStream don’t provide a UI. Instead, our output edge, connects through headless APIs to existing systems, allowing personalization to be delivered into a financial experience platform. 

The output edges are designed to auto scale integrations, APIs, and data offerings in response to fluctuations in volume of ingested data. They can be configured to prioritize different data outputs automatically or manually, ensuring business critical information always in time. 

Benefits for brokerages and their investors 

The financial experience cloud provides incredible benefits to the brokerages who are our customers as well as delivering end users a personalized financial experience. 

The information it provides integrates with all your existing marketing technology and data solutions, enriching your 360 customer view with behavioral insights. 

Beyond data delivery, our financial experience cloud helps brokerages increase customer base activity, raise margins, and scale business. It provides access to growth markets and helps to increase and retain customers. You can read more about these benefits in detail here. 

Get in touch if you’d like to hear how the financial experience cloud can enhance your systems. 

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