Understand users financial behaviors, wants, and needs surrounding the financial domain

Create financial personalization and recommendations through understanding financial market, financial content and user trends.
User and community trends
User and community trends
Financial market preferences
Financial recommendations
Financial market behavior
Financial Market Triggers
Personalization Models

Surface trends in research and trade behaviors across platforms and apps and provide personalized insights to users to increase engagement and return visits.

Build rich financial instrument preferences for each user. Every user interaction on platform and apps is mapped to the financial domain in real time. Preferences are dynamic and ranked in importance to the user, as behavior changes so too does instrument preference and in turn their financial experience is personalized

Provide new ideas and avenues for users to explore based on their personal research and trading behaviors as well as opportunities from financial market, content and user community activity that is related to their financial preferences. Give users confidence to research new areas and establish new research patterns.

Put your users ahead of the market with real time monitoring of technical and fundamental financial market data such as price action, earnings and economics, providing the information they need most, when it’s most useful.

Create triggers from changes in underlying financial market content and behaviors. Surface personalized trending financial content and behaviors to your users which in turn builds engagement and platform loyalty.

Continually improve the financial experience for your users with custom machine learning models for optimizing the real time relevance of financial content and data. Recommending financial content and data surrounding financial markets that is most engaging to each individual user.  

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