Grow your user engagement metrics by providing insightful community trends

Retail traders and investors often feel disconnected when conducting financial market research. Our community trading insights feature helps users feel more connected by providing them with actionable research suggestions. Helping them feel more confident and as a result they are more engaged with your platform. 

Differentiate your platforms with real-time community trading insights

Use the financial research and trading behaviors of your user base to provide valuable insights to your users. This includes data on the most popular instruments being searched, added to watchlists, and researched in a given time frame, as well as the trade positions of the top instruments

Give a wider range of data points to improve decision making

By providing your users with data on trending instruments, you can help them make more informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls

Increase your user engagement levels

By giving users access to real-time data on what other traders and investors are researching and trading, you can help them feel more connected to the community and encourage them to engage more with your platform