Bring confidence to your users when researching the financial markets

Retailer traders and investors and feeling increasingly isolated and restricted by their own research ideas. Users want to be given personalized research suggestions based on their own preferences. 

Engage your users with financial research suggestions

Surface personalized financial instrument suggestions to each user based on their preferences and behaviors across your platforms. Building your users' confidence in researching a broader range of financial instruments.

Real-time financial suggestions

Using our Behavior API, you can surface financial research suggestions to your users based on real-time financial market changes and financial content trends.

Multiple input data sets

Have confidence knowing that our financial research suggestions are based on multiple financial datasets. Meaning that we can compare your users' research behaviors to real-time Peers, Economic Events, and Fundamentals data to bring the latest, most relevant research suggestions to your users

User behavior led personalization

Financial research suggestions presented to users are entirely created based on their individual behaviors. Meaning their financial preferences, trading, and research styles are considered when surfacing back suggestions bespoke to each user