Personalize and deliver relevant and timely financial market content data

Deliver a personalized financial experience to your customers through monitoring and curating financial content and data, delivered across digital channels in real time
Content personalization
Content personalization
Content intelligence
Popular content
Educational content
News wall
Advanced Personalized Search
Personalized Emails

Provide personalized content that’s relevant to your users based on financial market and financial content trends as well as user behaviors. Increasing their engagement with your platform as you deliver them real time news and educational material that keeps them up to date and informed in the areas of the financial domain that matter most to them.

Allow users to make more informed decisions as they react faster with personalized trend data showing analysis, patterns and trends in real time across multiple financial content sources.

Show the most popular content from the trading community that relates to a user's financial market preferences

Create better informed, more highly skilled user base. Deliver an experience that keeps them coming back for more as they learn relevant skills to improve their trading experience with personalized educational content.

Generate a unique news wall, pulling together what matters to each individual user from all financial sources. Improve user discovery of trading opportunities.

Improve user research experiences and ideation with personalized search and recommendations. Surface additional data points that enrich the user search experience, such as the user search history, recommended searches, latest news relevant to the instrument being searched and many more.

Send personalized emails to help users find their way back to your platform. Send users updates with all the personally curated content and data surrounding the financial domain relevant to them

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