Enhance your user's trading skills and knowledge with personalized education.


Retail traders and investors  are disinterested in being shown generical educational trading content. Users want to be given educational trading content based on their financial trading behaviors tailored to their specific user journey 

Inform users with personalized educational content

Improve user engagement and loyalty by using our Content API to provide personalized educational trading content based on the user's research and trading behaviors

Real-time user journey-led personalization

Every user has a unique user journey and preferences. Provide educational trading content personalized to the user in real-time, from inline education related to what the user is searching through to education based on the financial content and financial instruments the user is researching

Personalized education based on the profile of the user

Create highly personalized educational trading content that is tailored to each user's research and trading behaviors. By understanding the user's trading style, asset class preferences, financial research interactions, and content interactions, we can understand the user's learning style, experience, and financial preferences and provide personalized educational trading content accordingly.