Provide actionable insights to your users, surfacing patterns and trends across financial content

Retailer traders and investors spend hours researching financial content and are frustrated when they miss potential opportunities. Better engage your users by giving them actionable data around the trends and patterns happening around financial content. 

Evolve your platform by providing financial market insights that matter to your users

Use our Content API to surface the trending financial instruments across multiple content sources within a custom timeframe. Letting users know the instruments that are making the most noise, giving them the data to ask ‘Why’.

Multiple Financial Content Sources

Our Content API is pre integrated with multiple financial content sources, with the likes of Benzinga, FX Street, Twitter and ShareCast. Giving your users confidence that the financial content insights being provided is from a broad, reliable range of sources.

Build user retention by providing valuable data

Grow your user retention rates by providing reliable, insightful data to your users that they struggle to access elsewhere. Surfacing the financial content trends and patterns from multiple content sources is hard to find, providing this data on your platforms gives a further reason to users why they choose to use yours.