Grow your user engagement KPIs by giving users Personalized Financial Content

Retailer traders and investors spend hours researching financial content that’s relevant to them when researching the financial markets. Delight your users by surfacing financial content that’s personalized to them.

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Differentiate your platforms with real-time personalized content

Utilizing our proprietary behaviour capture library to capture your users financial research and trading behaviors. Then access our Content API, allowing you to surface personalized content across your web and mobile apps as well as providing personalized emails. This real-time personalized content is proven to increase user engagement rates.

Use our pre-existing content integrations

Using your own in-house content, past financial content sources or our pre-existing financial content source integrations (link to financial content integrations landing page) to speed up the launch to market on your platforms.

Broaden your users financial interests with suggested financial content

Use our Content API to provide suggested financial content to your users based on their financial research and trade behaviors. Engage your users with the financial content related to their behaviors as well as surfacing content they may be interested in as suggested content.

Reduce the noise

80% of the financial content presented to users is irrelevant to them. Using our Content API allows you to target the financial content that’s relevant to each user. Simplifying and making their financial research easier.