Better understand your users financial market behaviors

Build a far richer view of your users preferences towards the financial markets and segment users by behaviour types and interests not just activity.
Data store
Data store
Financial Editorial Analytics
Data Lineage
Customer Data Privacy

Query our Data Store which houses presentation ready data sets, answering key business questions around how your users are behaving and reacting to financial market changes

Gain better understanding of what financial content is performing the best with your user base and what your users are engaging with

Provide legal and compliance teams with a granular time series view of real time data flowing through the platform. See exactly what data was distributed to a user and when it was provided to give an accurate view for during audits and to tackle complaints.

Pseudo-anonymize and encrypt personal data in transit and at rest. Control data tenancy and retention in line with financial regulations. ISO27001 certified ensuring the highest infosec policies and procedures for data management.

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