Configure and integrate the full world of financial data

Creating incredible financial experiences is only possible by understanding the complex landscape of financial markets through our bespoke financial behavior integrations and third-party data
Headless API
Headless API
Behavior tagging
Market integrations
Financial Content and Data integrations
Complete Customer 360 view
Mapping Instruments

Deployment of personalized financial experiences is easy with our headless APIs. Get up and running with the financial experience cloud as simply and efficiently as possible. 

Our bespoke behavioral integration software tags user behaviors across your platforms and apps, enabling deeper understanding of their financial research behaviors.

Connect to the financial markets to provide real time updates on financial instruments and products.

Connect to the financial content and data sources to enrich your platforms with the most relevant financial data for your users.

Integrate and process customer behavior data to round out the full picture of your user’s financial behaviors and develop richer understanding of each individual user.

Map user behaviors on platform and apps to the relevant financial instruments. Contextualize traditional analytics into financial market behavior and preferences. We provide a single internal instrument identifier, saving you a complex and time-consuming process.

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