Drive User Engagement by surfacing community trends to your users

AlphaStreams Behavior API allows you to surface data driven community behaviors, bringing vital information to your retail traders so they feel confident about researching instruments 

Bringing users useful insights to drive user engagement across your platforms

Replay community behavior trends to your users

Utilize our Behavior API to surface valuable behaviors from your trading community to help your users understand the financial content and instruments trending across your wider community.

Capture retail trades and investors financial behaviors

Use of our best-in-class behavior capture library, built specifically to capture retail trade and investment behaviors to drive value to your business.

AI-driven personalization to give users tailored trending insights

Personalized Trending Financial Content

Surface the financial content that’s trending across your community, personalized to each users instrument and research interests

Community Research Trends

Build confidence in what your users are researching by surfacing what the wider community are searching, researching, adding to their watchlist and engaging with

Community Trading Patterns

Surface your community positions on instruments so users can reference the position of their trade positions alongside the wider community