Surfacing trending financial content to increase user engagement

AlphaStreams Content API allows you to surface real-time patterns and trends across financial content, personalizaed to each users financial instrument preferences. 

Engage your users by providing actionable, real-time insights

Real-time financial market content trends

Using our Content API to bring real-time actionable insights to your users. Showing them the trending financial content, personalized to their instrument interests

Enhance the user experience

Provide your users with better, personalized experiences, bringing them the financial content trends they need to know about at that point in their user journey

AI-driven personalization giving users the information they need

Personalized Trending Financial Content

Surface the financial content patterns and trends bespoke to each user's interests.

Real-time analysis

Bring real-time analysis to your users, showing hour by hour, day by day, the volume of content being written about each instrument they are interested in

Authors and Instruments

Show the volume of content being written by each author on each instrument. Personalizing the experience to each user based on their content and instrument preferences