The proprietary A.I-generated alternative alpha dataset provides trending keywords around equities derived in real-time from news and social media sources.

Our platform has proven to be so successful on discovering and correctly identifying market leading events that it has been featuredby the FT, CNBC and Business Insider to name a few.


Why Trending Topics?


Fully Contextualised Data

Every single word or event relating to an equity is given a uniqueness score. By combining these values into a single product, we allow you to integrate fully contextualized data into your models, using not just a word count but a score based on what is being said and how unusual it is.


Never Miss a Signal

By understanding who generates key Alpha signals, then ranking them per entity we ensure smaller, boutique content publishers do not get drowned out by larger publishers, ensuring all content is analyzed for Alpha.


Equity by Equity Analysis

Trending Topics reviews millions of unique data points in real time, each word relating to an equity is assessed and scored based on how statistically unlikely it is to appear at a high frequency in conjunction with a specific equity.


Easy Ingestion

Our data is supplied with the industry standard identifiers to ensure easy ingestion.


Simple Set-up

Low latency, RESTful API streaming options are available. Data is updated subject to your contract. All options have full technical documentation, with FAQs, and human support.

How Trending Topics Works:

  • It targets where content is statistically likely to break for any individual entity watched by our platform.
  • Our content extractor extracts the relevant text and applies an Impact or Alpha Generator score to it. The most unusual words are flagged, and irrelevant content is removed, based on backtesting, common stop words, spam, and syndicated content.
  • Our content enricher follows up and binds that content to the relevant securities via our ISIN matching engine.
  • Our data builder A.I calculates the score for the keyword based upon how anomalous it is.
  • This is distributed via a low latency, RESTful or Push API’s.
  • Our Alpha Discovery Engine updates each Alpha Generator Index using the data supplied by the Alpha Generator Ranking process which updates at midnight UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Whats next?


Ready to backtest Trending Topics? We have a static dataset covering a minimum of two years’ of data for both the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100. These contain all keywords and scores which you can request for backtesting. Other market data is available at request.

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