When you engage customers
like you know them personally,
growth comes naturally.

Our success with clients


Increase in user engagement


Increase in user time on platform


Increase in user trade volume

AlphaStream empowers you to engage with your customers in the moments that really matter.

Offer exclusively relevant content and opportunities for each user, when they are most receptive and via their channel of choice. Speak to an audience of one, at scale.

AlphaStream offers an end-to-end solution specifically for the financial markets to help you drive value and meaningful engagement with traders and investors.

Solutions for the future of financial markets

Day Traders

Powering unique features to better support the most active traders.


Offering better experiences along the customer lifecycle to nurture long-term investors.


Helping users stay informed with timely and relevant educational content.

Market Research

Making it easy to analyze real-time trends happening in the financial markets.

Activate powerful personalized user features

Transform your existing digital channels into highly customized experiences for every user. Use our AI technology to personalize dozens of features – such as newsfeeds, notifications and education – that are entirely unique for every user.

Easy-to-use APIs

Our low-code headless APIs provide you with powerful tools and solutions that are built by developers, for developers. Easily activate on your existing digital channels and systems to design the user journey your business wants.

Unify multiple data sets with AI

Our APIs offer a single point of access in real-time, intelligently bringing together multiple data sets – internally proprietary, externally licensed, high or low velocity. Unify financial markets data (e.g. Nasdaq), content (e.g. Dow Jones), research (e.g. FactSet) and user data (e.g. Salesforce) with AlphaStream integrations.

Capture new user insights

Unlock greater performance, insights and reporting of your user’s interests and behaviour. Provide your internal teams with access to AlphaStream’s enriched data with API integrations into your existing third-party BI, CRM and other core systems.

Data protection and privacy by design

Designed from the ground up for financial services, we take a privacy by design approach to ensure your user data is safe and secure while also giving them control and ownership over it.

  • Encrypted data infrastructure and tenancy
  • Confidential access and control
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • GDPR and Privacy by Design
  • Data anonymisation

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