Why Hyper-Personalization For Financial Services Is Challenging

The last five years have seen a rapid rise in supply and demand for tailored products and services. COVID-19 seems to have only exacerbated the already imminent change, resulting in a collective, business urgency to batten down the hatches to respond to the consumers expectations. Personalization is falling short in providing real benefits to consumers as content is still broadcasted to segmented audiences rather than targeted to individuals. The result is the customers’ abrupt disengagement due to feeling overwhelmed by irrelevant information. The financial services industry needs to ensure they are able to capture the interest of the next generations of traders and investors in order to maintain their position in the market and aim to overtake the competition. 

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  • Insights on the new generations of consumers set to transform the market
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  • Find out how AlphaStream can resolve the current market challenges and open a new path of opportunities, unreachable with any traditional Martech offering